Crude Sunflower Oil

Healthy, natural sunflower oil offered by Gartner Ukraine is produced from oil-type sunflower seeds. Crude sunflower oil has a pleasant odor of sunflower and a mild taste.

Ukraine is the largest producer of the sunflower oil in Europe; about 60% of the sunflower oil in the world is produced in Ukraine.


Country Of Origin Ukraine
Smell And Odor Typical To Sunflower Oil
Color Number, Mg Iodine ≤ 20
Acid Value, Mg ≤ 4
Peroxide Value, ½ O Millimole/Kg ≤ 10
Moisture And Volatile Matter, % ≤ 0.20
Fatless Admixtures, % ≤ 0.10
Mass Content Of Phosphoric Matters, % ≤ 0.60

The price of crude sunflower oil in bulk can be found in our price list.

Production capacity: 3000 MT monthly;
Packaging Details: in bulk; 
Transportation: flexitank (22MT) in 20' container, railway cistern (60-65 MT), vessel's shipment (3000 MT min);
Delivery terms: FCA, CPT, DAP, FOB, CFR;

Shipping documents:

  • Commercial invoice;
  • Ocean bill of lading, railway bill, CMR/TIR;
  • Packing list;
  • Certificate of origin;
  • Certificate of quality issued by the manufacturer;