Feed Barley

Barley is known for its ultimate combination of nutrients and bioactive substances, vitamins, and microelements, which contribute to proper vital activity.

When added to mixed fodder, barley stimulates improvement of health and stamina of the cattle. Animals digest barley better than oats.

Ukraine is the world's third largest producer of barley.


Grade Feed
Test Weight (kg/hl) > 610
Protein (on dry matter basis), % Not regulated
Grain Impurities, % ≤ 5.0
Waste Impurities, % ≤ 3.0

The price of feed barley in bulk can be found in our price list.

Free from musty, moldy, and foreign smells.

As per customer's requirement other non-class-generating quality parameters can be analyzed in accordance with internationally recognized and approved methods.

Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 metric tons;
Origin: Ukraine/Russia/Kazakhstan;
Shipment: in bulk;
Delivery terms: DAP, FOB, CFR (GAFTA);

Shipping documents:

  • Commercial invoice;
  • Ocean/CP bill of lading, railway bill;
  • Certificate of origin;
  • Certificate of quality issued by independent surveyor;

Payment options:

  • Advance payment;
  • Irrevocable Letter of Credit at sight issued by a Top World Bank and available with Seller's bank only if order is 1000 MT min and only on sea shipping.